Entities and Volumes need to be more standout. They need to have brighter colors.

My biggest gripe with UE4 so far is an aesthetic one. I do not like how the volumes and entities have such dull colors, as it makes them harder to see. The colors need to be brighter and more varied so its easier on the eyes. Plus the dull colors of the volumes and entities can get depressing to look at, haha. 92962c3fcd9c55510fc41f043602528314a61376.jpeg This is what I’d shoot for. I appreciate y’all at Epic for taking this into consideration. :smiley:

I would be fine with just having a thicker line width, especially on BSP. I gave up on clicking volume/bsp edges years ago just because of how thin and tiny they are.

How about customizable outlines for each type?
Thickness, Dotted, Colour and this for each volume/actor type would be nice.

Hey everyone,

I have gone ahead and entered a feature request for this, which you can track the status of here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-36419)

Thank you for the suggestions & have a great day! We appreciate the feedback.