Entire Mixamo in-place Animation Library Retargeted to Default UE4 Skeleton

I wanted to share this archive I made using a script. Hopefully it will help some aspiring devs in saving precious time. It contains the entire in-place Mixamo animation library (1775 in-place animations). All the animations have already been batch re-targeted to the default UE4 skeleton without use of root motion(in-place). The bone hierarchy/nomenclature was perfectly matched using the default mannequin on Mixamo’s site so no manually matching up bones in re-target manager. You can try adding root motion – just check to use from first anim frame, but it doesnt look correct. These are in-place only.

The .fbx animations are without mesh, it’s just the animation data. All you have to do is select all .fbx in folder and batch import the entire library into UE4 -----> Choose the default UE4 mannequin skeleton on animation import, hit import all, and everything is ready to go. Hope this saves anyone some time and have a good day!

Here is the link to the .zip on my google drive:

Sorry I had to remove access to this due to I guess what is copyright problems with packaging them this way…

That’s amazing work, thanks for sharing!

Is this still available?