Ensure condition failed SceneRenderTargets.cpp] [Line: 2664]

Approximately every half an hour (not regularly), I get such a failure.
(I took this from the CrashContext file):


Ensure condition failed: !SceneColorTextureParameter.IsBound() &amp;&amp; !SceneDepthTextureParameter.IsBound() &amp;&amp; !SceneColorSurfaceParameter.IsBound() &amp;&amp; !SceneDepthSurfaceParameter.IsBound() &amp;&amp; !SceneDepthTextureNonMS.IsBound() &amp;&amp; !SceneStencilTextureParameter.IsBound() 

[File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.18+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Renderer\Private\PostProcess\SceneRenderTargets.cpp] [Line: 2664]


Judging by the data this occurs in the function:

template< typename ShaderRHIParamRef, typename TRHICmdList >
void FSceneTextureShaderParameters::Set(
	TRHICmdList& RHICmdList,
	const ShaderRHIParamRef& ShaderRHI,
	const FSceneView& View,
	const EDeferredParamStrictness ParamStrictness,
	ESceneRenderTargetsMode::Type TextureMode,
	ESamplerFilter ColorFilter ) const

In this Place:

else if (ParamStrictness == EDeferredParamStrictness::EStrict)
		//otherwise start throwing failure warnings.
		if (TextureMode == ESceneRenderTargetsMode::DontSet)
			// Verify that none of these were bound if we were told not to set them
				&& !SceneDepthTextureParameter.IsBound()
				&& !SceneColorSurfaceParameter.IsBound()
				&& !SceneDepthSurfaceParameter.IsBound()
				&& !SceneDepthTextureNonMS.IsBound()
				&& !SceneStencilTextureParameter.IsBound());

I do not call this function manually.

The worst thing is that it falls not regularly and not always. And it is very difficult for me to debug it in this case.
Need help

I found out what the problem was.
You can not use a custom Depth node in the “World Position Offset”