EnhancedInput and Rolling Ball

Good morning,
with the latest version of unreal engine, it is specified that it is preferable to use enhancedinput.

I want to make a rolling ball but all my attempts have been a failure.

I tried with the BP Character / Pawn add Force.
BP Character conflicts with collision and physics.
BP Pawn with Add Force don’t work when I try to use the enhancedinput.

The fact of wanting to make the ball turn when moving forward or backward seems very complicated to me.

Finally, is it possible to make a rolling ball with the enhancedinput?

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There used to be a rolling ball example project for 4.27. It’s still there, and can be migrated to 5.

Maybe that project is somewhere on github, not sure.

In any case, it used add-torque, to move the ball. It was just a BP with a camera and a sphere. Physics enabled on the sphere.

Which input system you use for the player will have no effect on the ball physics :slight_smile:

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thank you for the answer

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