Engine Version 4.20 keeps disappearing from Launcher

Hello everyone,
since i have installed 4.20 i have some weird problems in my Epic Games Launcher.

From the start.

i downloaded the new Version 4.20, installed it and set it as Default Engine Version. I could create a new Project in that Version and everything was fine. Next day i started the Games Launcher, there was no Engine Version 4.20 anymore, but i could start my Project from the “my Projects” overview.
Also suddenly version 4.19 was the default version and i couldnt install another version 4.20. What kind of makes sense, cause i could open my 4.20 Project still.

Im not a 100% sure this is related to the issue, but since then, there was an uninstalled engine version 15.3 showing in the engine library, which was not deletable.
So i crawled through the forums and found some solutions: like this one [here][1] and others that didnt work out for me.
After deleting the manifests i was able to reinstall 4.20 yesterday. But today its all broken like last time. Again with the Version 15.3 that i cant delete. Also i reinstalled the Games Launcher.

Before creating this post i found [this][3] post at the top of the answerhub, which souds somehow familiar.

Edit: Saw now, they have the exact same problem, somewhere in the comments. Sorry for the doublepost.

Anyone had similar issues? What can i do?

I finally found the Reason for my Problem. I had multiple Engine Versions in three different Directories. But the Epic Games Launcher was just accepting the Versions from one directory. I tried to resolve it with some Ideas about Manifests and VersionSelector but it didnt work out for me.

Finally i just deleted all Engine Versions, deinstalled the GamesLauncher and also deleted the stuff in ProgramData\Epic.
After this i was able to install everything without problems and it resolved some other Probs with the GamesLauncher(password remembering) i also had.
Have a nice day :slight_smile: