Engine Start Remove Directory (RMDIR) NoRedist

When the Engine first starts up for any game I make, it attempts to remove the directory …/…/…/Engine/Config/NoRedist

That directory never exists as far as I can tell. But it tries several times to remove it.

Does anyone know where it is calling that in the source, is it necessary and how can I stop it?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

I tried this with a blank Third Person Template today in 4.10.2 and it still attempts to remove directory.

I found this in ConfigCacheIni.cpp:

// Engine/Config/Base.ini (included in every ini type, required)
OutHierarchy.Add(EConfigFileHierarchy::AbsoluteBase, FIniFilename(FString::Printf(TEXT("%sBase.ini"), EngineConfigDir), true));
// Engine/Config/Base* ini
OutHierarchy.Add(EConfigFileHierarchy::EngineDirBase, FIniFilename(FString::Printf(TEXT("%sBase%s.ini"), EngineConfigDir, InBaseIniName), false));
// Engine/Config/NotForLicensees/Base* ini
OutHierarchy.Add(EConfigFileHierarchy::EngineDirBase_NotForLicensees, FIniFilename(FString::Printf(TEXT("%sNotForLicensees/Base%s.ini"), EngineConfigDir, InBaseIniName), false));
// Engine/Config/NoRedist/Base* ini
// NOTE: 4.7
// There was a bug that was causing this file to be written out for all users and for all projects, with bad values
// that would break all projects (external reference errors)
// Since this file has not been used yet, we will delete it if it exists, and then for 4.8, we will put this back
// into the hierarchy and remove the delete operation
// - Remember to fixup EngineConfiguration.cs

IFileManager::Get().Delete(*FString::Printf(TEXT("%sNoRedist/Base%s.ini"), EngineConfigDir, InBaseIniName), false, true, true);
IFileManager::Get().DeleteDirectory(*FString::Printf(TEXT("%sNoRedist"), EngineConfigDir), false, false);

That DeleteDirectory Call happens lots of times for some reason on start up.

There are two more directories it tries to delete: intermediate\shaders mp and intermediate\shaders\workingDir, but I haven’t found where it does that yet.

Here’s what it looks like when you run a new template, this is from ThirdPersonTemplate:

Does anyone know why it is doing this and if I can or should stop it?

I may see what happens if I just comment it out.