Engine News 7/23

Engine News

New Features
New Friction Combine Mode

The engine now supports different friction modes!


By default we take the average friction coefficient when two bodies hit. However, this can be problematic for cases like ice where negative and positive coefficients are needed to average out to 0.

Different modes are useful for different types of effects.

In the case of ice you would likely want either Multiply or Min with the ice material’s friction set to 0.

Note: The friction mode can be set project wide or overwritten per physical material.
New Snap Actors to Surfaces**

There is a new button on the transform toolbar which allows you to project actors into the world as you drag them:


This can be really useful for placing objects onto complex geometry.

The snapping works in one of two ways, either by projecting through the drag plane (if you are dragging in a constrained plane), or by projecting the actors into the world in screen space (when dragging in all 3 axes).

Before a drag in X-Y plane:


**After a drag **(Rotate to Surface Normal: Off):


**After a drag **(Rotate to Surface Normal: On):


New Simple 2D Physics Constraints**

The engine now supports easily constraining 3D physics objects into a 2D plane. This should help with 3D side scrollers.


The setting can be applied per object, or project wide by changing the project physics settings.

Ragdolls will by default only constrain the root body. This allows limbs of the ragdoll to move in 3D, while still keeping the entire asset in a 2D plane.

New Slate Widgets: Multi-line Editable Text**

The multi-line editable text functionality in Slate (SMultiLineEditableText and SMultiLineEditableTextBox) should have feature parity with the single-line editable text, and is now considered available for use.

Additionally, the submit changelist description in the editor is now using a multi-line editable text box.


Please note that while these are available for use, they are not yet as battle hardened as the single-line versions, and are still under development so may yet require API changes.


  • Removed the spurious ‘set brush’ transactions when placing geometry.
  • Can now control tiling via the Texture Tiles property as well as the Tiling Distance.
  • The cancel button now appears on the feedback dialog while autosaving.
  • Added support for “lightweight highlighters” .
  • Added ability to snap actors to surfaces in the world whilst dragging in the viewport.
  • Added function to detect connected mice on Win64/Win32 .

Behaviour Tree

  • Added Behavior Tree node tooltips.
  • Added new tooltip text using tooltip metadata from C++ node classes & BlueprintDescription text for BP node classes.

Content Browser**

  • Content Browser now reset search filter when syncing asset to content browser.


  • Removed macro libraries from the variable type dropdown in the Blueprint editor.


  • Particle effect meshes now adhere to the view mode correctly.


  • Added compression and sampler types for distance field fonts.
  • Changed default rotation for SpawnDecalAtLocation to point downwards.

Hey , Friction combine mode was added in 4.3 , Never the less its awesome! :slight_smile:

Hey , Friction combine mode was added in 4.3 , Never the less its awesome! :slight_smile:

These are put together as a summary of internal emails, and Ori sent out the email about the friction combine mode this past week :smiley: