Engine Installation Fails

MOD: I apologize, I am new to the site, if this is in the wrong place please move it.

I have downloaded the Unreal 4 Engine, but upon attempting to install the Engine I get all the way to the end, but then the Engine crashes and give me the error I have below.

What I have done:
I have created my account, followed all steps needed to download the engine, placed it in C:\Dev\Engines\Unreal4 folder alone. I scanned it, then ran it but it would error out at the end.
I deleted the .exe file and re-downloaded the file, thinking it was a failed download, then followed the same steps above for the new download but with the same outcome.

Any assistance is welcomed! Thank you for your time.

Check out this post and see if it helps. If not, please report this at AnswerHub following these steps so that you can get help faster.

And welcome to the forums!

Hmm… I’ve tried everything they have suggested. I am going to have to try and edit my registry information now, but now I’m getting a strange error whenever I attempt to edit that information even though I’m in the Admin Account on my PC. I will have to use the link you provided me above to try and get further help.

Thank you very much Jacky! :slight_smile:

My post can be found here, encase we find a resolution that might help others out in the future.