Engine demos available for free to end-users?

Yesterday i’ve spotted 8k screenshots from in-engine demos available over internet, wanted to test demos by myself on my pc but i see i can’t access them in any way outside engine. I’m not developer so to me it is pointless to buy month subscription to just run demos.

Is any other way to try them outside udk/subscription?

If people build a game using UE4 then you could run that, here’s the Star Trek Bridge demo that someone created (supports Oculus Rift) MEGA

The Link you have provided is unfortunately no longer available

The download is working for me…

Sorry, you are right. No Idea why it wasn’t working the last time I have tried.

anyway, I also downloading right now :slight_smile:
Thanks for shareing darthviper107

So that’s not so well news but anyway, thx for sharing this creation, i will check it for sure.