Engine 4.14.3 stops responding when compiling, please help.


I am working on a small game project for a class using 4.14.3. Whenever I add, delete, or modify a variable property in the character blueprint and compile, the engine stops responding and starts using all the memory on my computer. I have researched and found that when using the possess node, there will somehow be a memory leak in 4.14 when running the game with the editor/project settings windows open. The character blueprint does make use of a possess node in the function for respawning the player. I have avoided having editor/project settings windows open when compiling, no difference. The engine does not crash, and it compiles the blueprint successfully, but it becomes unresponsive for about 20 minutes, and slows the computer drastically for 20 minutes after that.

It is not game-breaking, but it certainly drastically slows down progress and feels potentially dangerous having to force close the engine when it is supposedly doing something. Any advice or help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

How big is your character blueprint? Is it a child of another blueprint? How much RAM do you have?

Sorry for the late reply, I’m new to the forum and didn’t get a notification that anyone had replied. I suppose the character blueprint is kind of big? The size map says it’s 20MB total. It’s a child of the third person blueprint class. I have 12 GB of RAM. What gets me is that it only locks up when I add/delete/edit default values of variables. Every other time it compiles in about 3 seconds.