Enemy overlap causes game over

In the level I’m creating I want in to go to the game over screen whenever the player overlaps a box component around an enemy. Can anyone help?

In your character create a custom event or a function with in all what you want to do ( save infos , make everything explodes, play sound, freeze game and show screen)
In your enemy blueprint (in parent if you have diffferent children) right click on your box component in “my blueprint” and select add event add on component begin overlap. From “other actor” output drag a “cast to name of your character” and from the return value output drag your function / custom event.

This sounds very similar to what I just did with an enemy in my game. What I did was create a pawn blueprint, then in components tab I added the skeletal mesh of the enemy and then a box component to go around the enemy. Doing it this way allows the box to always be attached to the enemy. Then after that you can create the OnComponentBeginOverlap event which will fire when the player hits that box thats around the enemy. So this should work, but you might need to check first which object has overlapped the box component. You wouldn’t want a fly to hit the box and cause a false game over :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: