"enemy" Blueprint copies itself at runtime?

Hey, so I’ve got a blueprint in my level that I’m using for an enemy with a skeletal mesh / anim BP / blueprint logic / particle effects… but it seems to be copying itself at runtime.

So skeleton 1 is in the level and now there’s a second, skeleton 2 in the level, with it’s particle effects going off.

There is no spawner in the level blueprint or character blueprints - I’ve been looking all over for what can be going on but I have no real idea…

It’s hard to see it in the video, but there are 2 skeletons hidden below the map, with visibility and it’s particle effects turned off. I think they’re BP4 and BP5. Then when you hit play at runtime The BP4 creates BP1… right next to it, with it’s particle effects turned on and visible in the map.


Has anyone had something like this happen before?

Find In Blueprints isn’t available in 4.17 I don’t think. https://www.loom.com/share/4938573c7c2743c2ba5078ed7eb443fa
I’ve been too afraid to push it ahead because when I jumped from 4.12 to 4.17 it broke a bunch of things.

I figured the one caused the other because of the location. Right under the blueprint in the level is where the duplicate spawns. There’s nothing in the construction script either. It’s very bizarre.

How do you know that BP4 is spawning BP1?

You must have a spawn somewhere.
Search “spawn actor” in all BPs:


What happens if you remove BP4 from the level? Does BP1 still spawn?

Yeah, which means they’re not connected. This started happening after modifying that enemy (adding that smoke particle) and the level blueprint, but they were being spawned by another actor that I didn’t change (and wasn’t looking at). So you were dead right, all along. Thank you for your time.

And your help! :slight_smile: