EndUserSettings.cpp bug


This seems to be a bug:

void UEndUserSettings::SetSendAnonymousUsageDataToEpic(bool bEnable)
	if (bSendAnonymousUsageDataToEpic == bEnable)
		bSendAnonymousUsageDataToEpic = bEnable;

OnSendAnonymousUsageDataToEpicChanged will only be called if there is no change. It should be != instead of ==.


Hello TooManyCrashes,

As it seems that you know how to make this fix, I would suggest submitting a Pull Request for this issue on our GitHub repository. If you do, it’ll be reviewed and if it is deemed compatible then it will be added to the engine in a future update. This would be a quicker process than placing a bug report as far as implementation is concerned. Please let me know if this will not work for you however and I’ll be happy to put in a bug report.

Have a nice day!