Endless runner Animation BluePrint

Hello All,

First time poster long time lurker,

I’ve recently gotten into Unreal engine about 4 months ago and I started watching some videos on how to create an endless runner for mobile games. I was able to follow the videos I was watching up until the end. Now I’m on my way trying to figure out how to create animations between swiping mechanics, there’s one catch. For the life of me I can’t figure out if it is better to use a 1D blend space or an original Blend space for my animation graph blueprint (Mostly the event graph inside the animation blueprint).

Now I am using the original thirdperson jumping animation (The Jump, the Loop and the end animations) to start off with. I would like my character to be able to jump into the air while holding a gun. So I started to use merging animations but it’s not coming together. When I play my project, my character runs endlessly (which is fine) however, when I swipe up he just jumps up into the air, all the while still running instead of actually playing the jumping animation.

I’ve tried just playing the animation within my event graph with the swipe controls the method sorta works (the animation would play only once) but then the character just goes into T-pose afterwards still moving forward. I would really love some insight or some help on how to use the animation blueprint event graph to connect with my swipe controls. Now I’ve read the ends and outs of the animation tutorials online and I still can’t get anything right. I really would love some help when it comes to animations. Below will be screenshots of my animation blue print and my original event graph that connects everything together.

What I would like to happen is when my character swipes either left, right, up, or down, an animation will play and then the character will go back to running again.

This is a future thank you for anyone who can help me out.