End-Game Start Game bug

Okay, so I happened to stumble across a glitch only once, but maybe it’s more common for others and I guess I’ll share.

So, after playing a couple of games with bots I decided to return to the main menu for some online matches. During the end-game phase (you look at your character, and you see the scoreboard), I hit ESC and the X on the top right and hit Return to main menu.

After this I went to Play > Quick Deathmatch. That didn’t work because it was full so it put me in the lobby and I decided to join the CTF all the way to the right with nine players.

This was when the bug happened, it put me in and I heard sounds but all I saw was a background pic of something, and the in-game pause interface partially at the top, which an X and such. Then when I hit ESC it actually paused and revealed the rest of it. Was really weird. Anybody else see this problem? Maybe try to reproduce it, I can’t.


You’ll have better luck over at the Unreal Tournament forums. This forum is targeted more at helping developers create games using the Unreal Engine.

Good luck!

EDIT: Worth mentioning you haven’t wasted your time coming over here, the same login should work on that site as well. :slight_smile: