End credits standards ?

Hi there,
our team is finalizing a VR game, and I’m looking for some infos about end credits.
Is there standard informations to put in ? A specific nomenclature ? Terms or things that HAVE to appear, others that don’t ?
Also are there differences between countries ? (I’m in France and didn’t find anything on government nor CNC website).

Thanks a lot.

The only requirements are any licensing that you have. Other than that it’s up to you, some games just put all of the people in a long list, others will put their job titles, but even then it’s not the same titles for the same jobs between different games.

Thanks for your advice.
Do I need to list every plugin I bought to develop the game too ?

Read the licensing terms of the plugin

Ok so it depends of each plugin, music licence, etc.
Thanks a lot for your answers.