End animation playing

I want to set the blueprint variable when animation playing is end (once play). How can I do that?


I replied to message by mistake.

How did you trigger the animation? It would be great if we have more context of what you’re trying to do.



I assigned animation to skeleton mesh and then in animation blueprint I created variable “IsShooting”. When “IsShooting” is true, transition to Shooting Animation is on. When animation will be end I want to set “IsShooting” to false.

I want to do the same thing but I don’t know how, anyone know please ? thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for delay. This got slipped.

You need to assign the animation blueprint to the mesh, not animation to the mesh. And all logic should stays in animation blueprint.
If you’re not sure, could you post your animation blueprint screenshot?



I suggest that you have a look at the latest set of tutorials on the Unreal YouTube channel. Zack has just uploaded a few tutorials which cover what you need.