Encounter many error's during installation

I’m new to the Epic Games launcher. I have to say it has very promised me by the optics- really like the design good job Epic. The problems are on my part only during the installation/Download process, i’ve moved from the City to a more calmer region and don’t got very good internet here (90kb/s Down | 20kb/s Up). I am not able to install/download products completly yet, that means at certain points of the installation the launcher gives me a fully timeout- gets connected after 10 Seconds- downloading for 5 Seconds & cause a timeout again, that in a permanent loop. This timeout takes over the whole computer traffic, closing the launcher will not help. A reboot fixes the problem until you try to install a Product again. The request for the installation are so delayed it is often not even perceived from the launcher.

Just as I am new to the launcher, i’m new here in the forum. If this is a known error and it has already been mentioned by epic, i’m really sorry. I have worked with UDK and really got teased for the new stunning Unreal Engine 4 & Unreal Tournament. The more I am sad that I couldn’t install/testing one previously because of my bad Connection and the poor deal with it from the launcher’s side.