Enabling player control when a level sequence ends

Hi y’all. I just got into the Sequencer, and so far it’s pretty cool. It’s a little easier to use than Matinee.

With that said, I’m having trouble with something. When a sequence ends I want to give the player control, something I would’ve thought would be easy, but the correct implementation escapes me.

During my sequence I animate the player, and when the sequence ends I return direct control to them with Enable Input. That part works, but the character is stuck with the animation I gave them during the sequence. Is there some kind of node I can use to revert the PC to their normal animated state?

I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious. Thanks in advance.

At the risk of looking impatient, I’m bumping this. A few days have passed and this post has fallen out of sight.

I’m still searching for answers to this and haven’t found anything yet. There are a couple of tutorials out there on using Sequencer, but none of them talk about passing control to and from the player. Surely a lot of people make in-game cutscenes using Sequencer?