Enabling collision on pawn blueprint breaks physics-based (force/torque) movement.

I thought I’d post this here too. I’ve mostly implemented the physics-based flight controls as seen here:

The problem is that what I enable collision detection on the Sphere component of the pawn, suddenly the force and torque-based controls die (the force-based slow way down and the torque-based are gone altogether). Does anyone know why that might be and what I can do to enable collision while maintaining those controls?

Did you disable collision on the graphics mesh, and any other components in your BP? I’m wondering if there are some ‘intra-Blueprint collisions’ going on.

In fact there is no graphics mesh on the pawn - it consists only of a Sphere component and a camera at the moment.

What type of collision are you trying to use? Physics Actor, Block All, etc?

Yes, the change occurs with Physics Actor and Block All, essentially any preset that has collision enabled.

The problem was fixed by just massively increasing the force/torque being applied for the movement, though I still don’t really understand why it’s necessary to do that when the collision is turned on.