Enable VR in final build (Blueprint)

How do I enable VR in blueprint so it renders in VR mode when launching my game?

I have the reset camera blueprint working fine, but whenever I build my game its not shown in stereoscopic view.

Hit alt+enter when your build is running. Does that fix it?

Yeah I know about Alt+Ent but wanted to load the game in VR mode as soon as the game is launched.

Edit: I found out working fine now :slight_smile:

I dont know what Alt+Enter does but I always set up a Execute Command “stereo on” in the level blueprint and that works fine.

HI Johnpre, Am using UE 4.11 and unable to view anything in oculus. I’m trying to run the third person template which is readily available. Do I need to setup something or need to have a BP or something like that to get a VR output? Please help.