Enable Oculus Rift look during matinee sequence

I’m new to Unreal development engines.

I’m playing with the reflections map and am trying to enable looking around on the rift during the beginning matinee sequence. I’ve found 3 switches under the Cinematic property in the details pane when I select “Reflections_Matinee”. “Disable Movement Input” and “Disable Look at Input” sound like the right things to uncheck. Unchecking these, I notice that the rift now moves the camera a tiny bit, but something else is locking the camera orientation. I can’t figure out what it is.

Anyone know what I need to change? TIA.

I’ve managed to find the bFollowHMDOrientation member variable for PlayerCameraManager. Setting this up in BluePrints looks like this:

Had trouble figuring out how to determine the PlayerIndex, but some searching revealed that the local player is always index 0.

BluePrints are awesome!

Do you think you could repost the image, it’s too small to see. I am trying to get headtracking working with the rift and matinee cameras. This info you posted looks useful!

A New picture would be nice

Here’s what you need: 8d94e55346eae45fa7f16f5944be67b5e425dc71.png

Could anyone explain how to impliment this? I am very interested in what tkchen said about rift support to matinee sequences…

I’d be interested in this as well if anyone could elaborate. Newbie here…

Seems like you should be able to put that in your character’s EventGraph for the BeginPlay event.

I know this is an old post, but im having same problem , did you ever find out how to implement this?

Did you find out how to implement this? i’m trying to find out myself

Yes, it works perfectly. A good test for this is on the infiltrator demo. Just open up the level blueprint for the demo and make it look like this: (you are inserting exactly what tkchen said basically)

To do this open blueprints button up top, open level blueprint, find event begin play, create a node next to it first “get player camera manager”, from there draw a line from it and make another for set hmd follow orientation, connect all the lines to make it like the image I linked to. There you go!

It works exactly the same for all the other marketplace stuff with matinee cameras too. You will have full headtracking. (although not very comfortable still for VR because these cameras tilt and move very fast which is a vomit-fest) Make sure to just do forward movement with the cams at a steady pace, no acceleration if you can, or even with no movement at all and just flip between cams or fade in and fade out.

Thank you, Sr.
That ‘not-following-hmd-orientation’ in my matinee was making me sick as fork.

EDIT: I can’t control the direction I walk using the HMD orientation anymore.
How can I fix this?