Emmisive materials not rendering (only in my project)?

Thank you for your help!

Emmisive materials don’t seem to render properly when I test things out in the editor / launch the game. They are emmisive, though, and they are shown to be glowing when they’re applied to a material anywhere else.

What setting could be causing this?

It works fine in other projects, and if I migrate materials from other projects were it works it still doesn’t work. There’s most likely a setting somewhere that causes this, I just can’t seem to find it! >.< Any way for me to show you guys what my current settings are?


Can you show a screenshot?

If you’re talking about the glow, that’s going to be dependent on your graphics settings since that’s caused by post process bloom.

It’s the glow. My UE4 is updating right now, I’ll post screenshots shortly if you still need them. I’m pretty sure I enabled it, where would the setting be located at (just to be sure)?

Thank you so much for your help!