Emitter Spawn is buggy in 4.10 Standalone

I have an emitter attached to my player character which is turned on with a button, and deactivated when the button is released. The spawn rate in PIE is accurate, at around 3 particles per second. But in “Standalone”, I get more around 100 per second. It’s REALLY off!

Hello -

Can you let me know what your Spawn Settings are in the particle system and whether you are using a GPU emitter?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I figured out what the problem was. It turns out that what you see in Cascade is set by what limits you put on the graphics of the editor itself. This is a HUGE problem, as I didn’t know my editor was set to LOW. When I used Standalone, it reevaluted my computer to extremely high, spawning the full extent of what the particle effect could. I had no idea my effect was so over the top.

Cascade should have showed me that in the editor by default, not hidden it from me. I feel that it might be helpful in future releases to default to the full extent of the effect, or at least make the settings for controlling what’s seen available in Cascade, rather then digging through the editor settings.

I just spent 10 minutes trying to find the setting again, which is under the Settings Button on the main screen, not under Editor Settings or Project Settings, where one might assume it’s at. It’s not easy to find and extremely easy to overlook. I’d suggest one button or checkbox, like a big button that says “Full Effects” or “Limited Effects”.