Emitter looks fine unless I spawn it the way I want to.

Sorry, this is a post I’ve made in the Blueprint forum as well, so I hope no-one minds. I would think it’s more of a Blueprint problem rather than a particle effect problem if not for the bit I say is ‘not a coincidence’ later in this message.

So, I’ve made a blood particle effect for when we shoot zombies in my game. It looks wonderful in Cascade’s previewer, and I’ve recently found that it looks great if I place it in a level in the editor. However, when I shoot a zombie, two of its emitters fire instantly, and the other two seem to fire half a second later (approximately). The two that fire instantly are the droplet emitters, and the two that are delayed are the mist emitters. It may not be a coincidence that I made the first droplet emitter and then copied it and modified the copy to produce the second one, and then I made the first cloud emitter and copied and modified it to make the second. Again, I stress that this particle effect works great in Cascade and if I just drop it in the level. It only doesn’t work when using the Blueprint to spawn it on dealing damage to a zombie.

Here’s the part of that zombie’s Blueprint that performs that function:

I realise it’s not the best way to do it but I was just testing the emitter. I still may set it up to recognise the point of impact and a few other things, but despite its early state, I would expect this to work properly.

Thanks in advance for the help.