Emitter looks fine unless I spawn it the way I want to.

So, I’ve made a blood particle effect for when we shoot zombies in my game. It looks wonderful in Cascade’s previewer, and I’ve recently found that it looks great if I place it in a level in the editor. However, when I shoot a zombie, two of its emitters fire instantly, and the other two seem to fire half a second later (approximately). The two that fire instantly are the droplet emitters, and the two that are delayed are the mist emitters. It may not be a coincidence that I made the first droplet emitter and then copied it and modified the copy to produce the second one, and then I made the first cloud emitter and copied and modified it to make the second. Again, I stress that this particle effect works great in Cascade and if I just drop it in the level. It only doesn’t work when using the Blueprint to spawn it on dealing damage to a zombie.

Here’s the part of that zombie’s Blueprint that performs that function:

I realise it’s not the best way to do it but I was just testing the emitter. I still may set it up to recognise the point of impact and a few other things, but despite its early state, I would expect this to work properly.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Could you be more specific on what it’s doing? Looking at your code, it seems like it would be spawning it in Worldspace inside a 15 cm radius from the world origin (0,0,0), and then attaching to the neck socket, causing it to be floating some distance away from the zombie.

Thanks for replying. That bit of the code is new. I was just trying things to see maybe it would have an effect on the delay problem. I do want to vary the spot where the blood comes out but I’ll probably do it differently when I finalise it.

The problem is that all four emitters that are part of the single blood effect should fire simultaneously, and they do if I just drop the effect into a level or view it in Cascade, but spawning it this way (with or without the new Range node, and with any of the various Location Type settings) causes the two droplet emitters to fire instantly, and then the cloud emitters fire about half a second afterwards. What I want is for all four emitters in the effect to fire as soon as the gunshot hits, all at the same time.

[MENTION=26076]EPD Gaffney[/MENTION]:

I have a theory. It could be that the anydamage is being spammed and is causing inconsistencies. Also try to remove the hook on the checkbox auto destroy, which is on your “Spawn emitter attached”.

Thanks. It was worth a go unticking that box but it didn’t sort it out unfortunately. I honestly don’t think that it’s spamming any damage, and I have two reasons: first, the PrintString you see there fires only once with the handguns and multiple times with the shotgun, meaning it does count accurately how many projectiles (which we’re using traces for) hit the zombie. The second reason is that although the blood mist emitters are spawning late, it’s the same exact rhythm every time, and the pair spawn at the same time as one another despite spawning after the other pair; I know anything’s possible, but it seems more likely to me that it would be more sporadic.

I’ve tried more configurations and they all have the same delay, but to keep everyone updated, here’s the current state of the Blueprint:

Was hoping that attaching it to the zombie but not a specific bone would somehow help but it didn’t. The results of this are a bit more pleasing, though despite the delay problem. The game plays like classic Resident Evil, if you’re wondering how these random spawn points make any sense (and they wouldn’t in a FPS or over-the-shoulder game). I’ve tried with and without the PrintStrings as well. No luck.

Any advice? Would you have a substitute in mind for the Event AnyDamage node?


Just to make sure everyone knows that I’ve solved this and what the solution was, as far as I can tell, it’s some rare glitch (perhaps from copying something somewhere along the way and the engine not doing it right?), and remaking the particle with all the same values as the original one gives me a functional effect. I don’t really get it.