Emissive Material not lighting some objects


I am making a Christmas Tree that I want to put in UE4. I have a tree being generated in Houdini from a megascan and while it is pretty high poly I think it looks nice when lit by a light source object in UE.

I have decorations being scattered over the tree and have applied an emissive material to the lights that are wrapping the tree. I have enabled the check to Use Emissive for Static Lighting but it never seems to be considered when the tree is calculating its lighting. When I put a point light close to the tree it looks great. (see picture)

  • I am building the lighting at production quality.
  • If I put a different model in the center of the decorations, delete the tree and rebuild lighting the other model is lit correctly by the lights.
  • I have tried different materials for every material on the tree and nothing seems to be different.

What am I doing wrong that is making my pine tree ignore the emissive lighting from the lights that surround it?