Emissive material not casting light on itself

I have a static mesh that has an emissive material applied to part of the mesh. The emissive material successfully cast light to surrounding objects. However, the face of the mesh with the emissive material fails to cast light on the rest of the mesh.

This is how the unlit scene look:

The parts circled blue has the emissive material, and the sphere and cube are both lit by the emissive material. However, the part of the stairs (highlighted in red) does not get lit.

The lit scene:

Is there a way for the stairs to be lit by itself?

Emissive materials are primarily for creating a glow effect, rather than actually casting light. However, if you want them to cast light into the scene you can select the object that uses the material and go into the Actor Properties and go to the Lightmass section and enable static lighting from emissive. This will only work for static lighting, so dynamic objects with emissive materials won’t cast lighting from the material, and dynamic objects can’t receive lighting from emissive materials either.