Emissive maps blurry?

I’m using Substance Designer for my re-texturing of a portfolio map I built in UDK. Everything is moving along pretty smoothly until I hit the Emissive maps. One of my textures is very blurry within UE4, but in Photoshop, very clear. It’s a 1024x1024. I’m new to UE4 but noticing a lot of similarities to UDK that I’m fitting in pretty easily at the moment. I’m guessing there is something new that I don’t know about the emissive channel or importing certain files that I don’t know yet. Also, the file is TGA. If that really matters. The blue is also emissive, but uses a mask. I have had textures appear blurry for a time but it eventually clears up and everything is good to go. I’m not too sure how to handle this right now. Thoughts?