Emissive lighting seems to be dead

If anyone can get emissive lighting working on their end let me know, I cannot make emissive lighting work atm, I just want an image of it working and the settings needed, no suggestions.

There aren’t really any magic settings. You make a material emissive, enable “Use Emissive as Static Lighting” on the mesh instance in the scene, and bake. Add Lightmass Portals around the objects to improve sample quality. Emissive intensity/emissive boost/lightmass replace are all subjective and depend on your use.

Again, emissive does not bake to lighting on my client at all, im not asking for quality, im asking has it been removed.
I have tried baking with production quality, with an emissive of 1000000 (yes thats the actual number), with emissive to static on, the emissive is static too, and there isnt even a slight faint glow coming from it. Just show me, does it work or not.

Yes It does work on my side (4.24.2)!!

Works totally fine. You just need to familiarize yourself with documentation and basic settings.

…lit only by the emissive material, used only a multiplier 3 in the material editor…

Im more than familiar with basic settings, and unfortunately im also familiar with this bullcrap. (Check image. No im not an idiot who forgot to bake.)

You have the cube selected there with the use for emissive lighting checked, you need to check that option on the thing that has the emissive material, not the objects that you want to receive the emissive lighting.

No luck still, View screenshot.

Also heres the super basic material im using.

This might be a silly question, but do those base objects actually come with a lightmap on them, where the baking can render the light information into? I know, that imported meshes get some lightmaps autogenerated, if they are missing, but the base objects like your plane or cube?

Those shapes are built in engine content.

I discovered some sort of bug where I validated materials from a plugin and content pack and it caused my emissive lighting to stop working. I’m trying to track down the source of the issue now.

And you tell us in a 1 year plus old topic because?
(It’s not really your fault, but the stupid forum layout that removed the dates and still hasn’t been fixed).

Regardless, .26 is different when it comes to emissive.
They added options on objects I believe. Or some other such nonsense which they also advertised a “real time” incorrectly at some point.

The changes are only for the static lighting setup.
If you need real time you are still constrained to faking it with a movable light or using LPV.

I’m doing static lighting, it just doesn’t show up during bakes on some projects and I don’t know how to get it back. Identical set up in different projects, one light build works and the other project doesn’t. This goes back several engine versions as well.

Check this short video about static lighting with emissive materials. It shows a switch, that needs to be activated for CPU lighting/CPU Lightmass to include emissive materials. Maybe that´s what is missing.

Note that this post is due to my client occasionally bugging out for no apparent reason, in this case global illumination refused to work no matter what, emissive light being a part of GI. It has been fixed on my end mysteriously.

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no, I know how it works. What I’m talking about is an engine bug that causes the engine to not include the emmisive in static lighting even if you set it up properly. If you search the forums you can see this bug goes all the way back to 4.8

yup, this is what I’m talking about @Bits360

This was a client side issue on my end, where ALL gi is broken, however im not the only one who experienced these effects.

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