Emissive Light on DM object?

Hello, i´ve got a material which emits an emissive light, on Brushes and StaticMesh it works fine, but when i try to put this Material onto a Destructible Mesh is just shows the blank sphere (as there were no material on it), the material tab shows the emitting material!

Is it even possible to have emitting DMeshes?

(Picture shows selected DMesh (emissive ball on the left is a static mesh))

Can you post a screenshot of the problem please?

here you go

Hmm, that’s strange. I just tried it both with a Default and Unlit shading models with an emissive color plugged to emissive channel and i can see the material as normal, just like your static mesh. I don’t know what can be wrong. :\

Which version are you using?

Using 4.4.2
i used the First Person blueprint and starter content maybe there is an issue somewhere

Hi SteamGear,

I’ve tried duplicating this in 4.4.2 with a destructible mesh, but did not get the same result you did.

Here is a screen grab of my destructible mesh with two emissive colors (outer and inner texture).

I know it’s probably a simple texture, but can you post a screenshot of your material setup as well for the emissive texture?

Also, are you able to reproduce this in a new project or just this one?

Thank you!


Managed to fix it, in my Material i set the Material Domain to Light Function, thats why the DM didnt show it, swapping back to “Surface” fixed this issue

That’ll do it! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you figured it out and for posting your update!