Emissive intensity issue in mobile

Hi all,

I’ve a curious situation that I’m not sure if it’s a bug or I’m missing something somewhere.

I’ve two materials with blend mode “Masked” both with a scalar parameter to multiply the “Emissisve Color” to increase the intensity of the emitted light. Each one of them are applied to different objects static meshes components. One of those materials “Emissive Color” is increased (vía C++ SetScalarParameterValue) when it’s owning actor is selected. The strange thing is that when I do that the other material intensity is also creased the same amount, but even more curious is the fact that this only happens in the editor preview when the “Preview Rendering Level” is set to any of the mobile ones, if it’s set to “Shader Model 5” everything behaves correctly.

So not sure if this is something that should happen, in that case is there any thing I could do to avoid this?

Thank you for your help.

For anyone arriving here, it seems it only happends in the Viewport or Mobile Preview if the Preview Rendering Level is set to mobile so I can live with it.