Emissive color on 4.16

I heard that UE4 4.15 had a way to deal emissive color by making them paler and less colorfull the more emissive the material was. I tought this feature pretty annoying and I want to know if it is ifixed in 4.16.


Nope, It’s not going to be “fixed”. Desaturating bright colors is an intended part of the new tone mapper.

Thanks even tought I really hate that choice. Its annoying in an artistic side since it give less possibilité to the creator but it mostly hurt game since color can have such a role in how player recognize element and fonction of the game. For instance if I have a green object and a yellow object and each one has the same shape but different usability depending of the color I want the player to understand on the spot that these are two separate instance of the object.