Elegantly handle drastically different weapon types?

What would be the best way of handling different types of weapons in UE4? The character logic is more or less independent of the weapon type. Would inheritable blueprints work for this? Perhaps using the same character and swapping in animation blueprints based off of an interface blueprint? Is there some built-in logic/utility for this?

you can already have many skeleton animation asset for your animation blueprint, also you can have many states to blend, and do not have to be linear.
And I believe Epic is working on better retargeting workflow so it would be easier for you to apply to different character, but in the end you still have to fine tweak them.
Ie. a skinny character’s carry heavy weapon animation can’t be applied on bulky huge character when he also carry the same weapon.
Retargeting may help in more general things, but animation is really hard to be good and generalized at the same time.