Ehh another day and another problem, can someone help how to repair fov after aiming

Hi there,
As i said, another day, another problem soo i was trying to move my camera because ak was too far away, and the results is that after aiming, fov value is changing :confused: was trying with changing values of timeline and trying to change position but i can’t do it still having problem, have a nice day (aiming fov is good). In link below you have screens, can’t add here because of their size :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly but one quick idea after looking at your logic would be to put the correct field of view after the “Finished” out put on the timeline. So when timelines i finished it goes back to whatever FOV you want there. That will look abrupt though, you can do it smoother with the timeline itself and Lerp nodes.

Okey, thanks for help. I figured it out, the problem was that i did change global fov, but miss the ADS one, so i had to break lines between camera movment and new location Y, and set the Y as the number in global fov (15), and now it’s working fine :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

Another option is to create a parent BP class for weapons. Create a child for each weapon. For each weapon skeletal mesh create a cam socket at rear sights.

In the construction graph of the parent spawn a camera and attach it to the cam socket.

On weapon equip set a variable for the cam. Then transition between cams… “set view target with blend”.