EGL keeps saying "log in to pay"

and “please login to place a comment” in the market place, ill click them and then it takes me to the sign in screen i sign in again and then it still says to sign in to buy.
tried to make a question on answerhub but i had to have 200 reputation, so i cant report my problem there?

I have the same thing. I posted question about it here:

And someone earlier had same issue:

I’m going to ask this question in support center using provided link, until I get an answer I absolutely don’t know what to do.

Hey all,

We have a new process in place for any and all issues regarding the Epic Games Launcher. Please visit:

And then use the contact form on the right to get in contact with our support staff.


(p.s. - this new process also applies for all matters involving any account/purchase or issue with one of our Games)

This isn’t supposed to occur. I’ll investigate this now.

EDIT: I tested with a brand new account with only 1 reputation point and I had no problem posting a question. Please let me know if you continue to have issues with this.

I connected to different WiFi network and everything went well. Probably caching was the problem at some point.