efficient interior lighting workflow for baked lighting


For doing a level of interior space with all baked/static lighting and no raytracing, I feel like going back a decade doing lighting in an offline renderer where I tweak lights parameters, build lighting, wait for lightmass baking, and see the approximated result. What is worse is usually the result of “Preview” built quality is highly inaccurate to a degree that I can’t trust it as a means to adjust lights direction and intensity.

How would you typically speed up this process? For the level I am working on, “Medium” quality build can take about 8 minutes, which is kinda slow to iterate the lighting.

I am wondering if it makes sense to turn on all raytracing features to dial in lights intensity, color, and direction, so I can preview the final production bake result (low frame rate is OK). Then turning off all raytracing features for a final production quality bake.

I just run full ray tracing to see the results and if I need to play test something I dial it back to AO/Reflections only to have a nice stable frame-rate, I would suspect it depends on your project workflow. I’m still in the stage of working out mechanics, and defining a lighting “style” for the game and various different scenarios. I’m only on the blocking out levels for testing stage so FINAL lighting for a shipped project is pretty far off for me. Ray tracing is my best friend currently.