Efficient draw calls?

Hi, I’m working on some assets now and I have close to 100 unique assets in my scene. These range from generic items like tables, chairs, plants etc to large floors.

What I’m noticing however is the texture streaming is becoming ‘blurred’ and I’m losing detail. I’m guessing there are too many items in the scene right now. Each item has a separate shader with it’s own texture nodes. Nothing too complex, just really basic but every item has a unique shader.

I’ve only taken a look at instancing and noticed it’s so called ‘free’ rendering in the scene.

My question is what is the most efficient way to sort my textures? Should I have one parent (wood, metal, plants etc) create instance materials for each item?

PS, I’m not a game dev so would be wonderful if someone can elaborate on the more efficient way to organize my assets in UE4. :slight_smile:

Building and re-using a flexible shader setup for basic surfaces is good practice for sure.
I don’t know if it will will be noticable performance-wise though.
Possibly your scene just uses too much textures. Please be more specific:

  • each of the~100 assets use unique textures?
  • Resolution?
  • How much per asset? Diffuse, normal, specular, …?

Nevermind, I found my problem. My texture was too low res!

In any case I didn’t get this problem anymore.

But for specs, each texture is about 50% 512x512 and the other 50% 1024x1024 and 2048x2048