Effects scene - Crashes every single time

I’ve been looking into all the content examples and the “Effects” scene crashes every single time I try to “play” it in the editor. It usually takes about 10-20 seconds until the editor crashes when near any of the particle emitters. Only once did the crash reporter appear.

Have not had any crashes on the other maps yet.

I’ve been using the UDK for a year now without any crashes so the computer “should” be ok…

Specs are: 3,5Ghz i7 3770K, 16Gb RAM, 2 * GeForce GTX 680 (with/without SLI) & SSD with several hundred Gigs of free space.

Is there any ini modification etc. I could try to make the particles behave?

Thanks! Yes the crash happens 100% of the time. Could this be because I have a APEX / PhysX installed separately? Looking at the log file there seems to be PhysX related errors…

link text

Hello Marco,

If the crash is 100%, can you attach your latest log file from Documents\Unreal Projects\ContentExamples\Saved\Logs folder so we can take a look at what’s occurring.

Thank you!


Thank you for the logs. Can you also let us know which video card driver version you are currently using?

Thanks, sure: the driver version is 335.23.

I’ve been trying some new things:

  • Installed a fresh GeForce drivers
  • Removed separate PhysX Lab install.
  • Tried to close the Viewport immediately after loading the scene.
  • Tried to run the level as a separate Executable on PC.

Every time the same occures. Crash after 10-20 sec.

After re-installing windows and updating Windows 7 → 8.1 The crashing has stopped. So everything seems to be ok now.