Education license

I’m a student and as a student i cannot pay every month 19$ for something i can’t use on a regular basis( i have to study most of the time and even for some weeks i wouldn’t be able to work with ue4). I’ve seen that unless you have some ue4 classes (which doesn’t even exist in my country) you can’t access ue4 for free(with or without limitations). Am I wrong ?

Correct, UE4 will cost $19/month. You can subscribe and cancel at any time. You can still use UE4 if you cancel, however you won’t continue to receive updates.

Do I have to worry about a billing contract or penalties for cancelling my subscription?
Your subscription payment automatically recurs, but you’re free to cancel at any time. There’s no penalty for cancellation.

When you cancel your subscription, you won’t receive access to future releases of Unreal Engine 4,

however your login will remain
active, and you are free to continue
using the versions of Unreal Engine 4
which you obtained as a subscriber

under the terms of the EULA.