Editor Viewport won't play faster than 10 FPS

I have an unreal scene which refuses to run above 10 FPS in the editor viewport. I can play the scene and get 120+ FPS, but in the viewport it is clamped at 10… it looks and feels really bad. I’ve checked my frames per second settings, and even setting them well above 10 FPS yields no changes.

Now, i’m aware that I can just type t.maxfps ## to fix this, but the problem is that the changes this console command makes do NOT get saved with the scene. I have to send this scene to clients who may be confused that the scene is running so poorly in the viewport… i’d really prefer that the viewport’s FPS not be so limited, and not require everyone to type in a console command every single time they open this scene.

I have tried everything I can possibly think of to remedy this, is there any possible way to get this scene’s editor running above 10 FPS without fixing the frame rate? Is there a reason why my viewport would be completely locked at 10 FPS?