Editor viewport invert mouse Y while holding RMB for fly mode

Is this setting really still not available after two years of people asking for it? I’ve hunted around for answers, and the only thing that looked promising was editing the BaseInput.ini file to invert the axis, but this has no effect. Would I be right to think that this file is for gameplay and not the editor?

Can we get this made available. It’s something that is in every game I play, which makes it astounding that a product that’s fundamentally about making those products doesn’t also offer the option.

I’ve also just noticed, as I’ve started working on a game with gamepad controls, that the editor can be navigated with it, and it also has Y the ‘wrong way around’ for me.

In response to these answers that seem to come up every time this is asked, and so I can quote them back when they aren’t read:

> No, I’m not talking about in-game axis inversion - I can deal with that easily - I’m talking about the level editor viewport.

> No, I’m not talking about the “Invert Middle Mouse Pan” option. I’m talking about pitch control.

Thanks, and hope to see the feature some time soon.

I need this option too because it’s really messing up my brain going from the editor and game playing mode. I’m in the same boat as a lot of these guys that have been playing inverted since the 90’s, it’s kind of hard to unlearn the “Y” axis in my brain while in edit mode. I hope they add this feature soon!!!