Editor Slow because of constant CACHING

Is there any way to turn the Index caching system off so the editor can stop caching just to try to store a new variable or asset. For entering in variables in on the blueprints is slowing the system all down because its busy trying to write each new entry into some kind of index stack or cache…I notice this caching activity going on when selecting something also in the content window browser the system will freeze for several moments
as soon as you click on the entry or when adding in a new asset.

And if I acidentally enter in a slash / by accident or an invalid character in the Input text data Field when creating my data struct entry well that caused the editor to pause for several moments in trying to cache it and then up popped the crash screen
of the editor.

I had the auto save feature on when i had it crash on me.

It also happened when I typed it in the search nodes field when looking for a certain node the editor. it seems if I enter a invalid character, the editor will crash.

Why dosen’t the editor just simply ignore any invalid characters
that are entered into the data fields ?