Editor programming - running a build process?

Hey all.

So I’ve got a cover generator started and I’m currently using an actor you drop in the level and hooking a few events to rebuild the cover locations. It works, but It doesn’t feel very integrated into the editor workflow.

So I’m wondering if anyone has any pointers in terms of editor integration they can share? I’ve got a plugin with a main menu button, but what I really want is something that works roughly the same as the navmesh generation does, so it has the notification that its building etc.

I guess my main thinking is to follow the navmesh generation code around, but it is pretty nasty to try and isolate it mentally from among the engine codebase, so anyone who has any insights I would love to hear them.

Hey! I’ve done this with some offline processing of level data for the AI that I wanted LD to be able to run when they made any changes.

It’s maybe not the finest implementation but it works and it’s pretty simple. :slight_smile:

The end result is an entry under the Build toolbar button with the same notification feedback as generating navmesh.

The overall setup is simply a class (eg FMyCoolDataBuilder) with static methods to do the actual lifting. I ripped out the interesting parts of my implementation and put them in this GitHub Gist : It’s a bit hastily done, the code should be overall valid. Let me know if anything is non-understandable, but you should be able to use this as a starting point. :slight_smile:

Oh and also, a Blutility might be enough for you, but they worked so-so back in the day when they were experimental. Think they’ve moved into the big house now, but I haven’t taken them for a spin:

Thanks, that’s exactly the kind of info I needed! much appreciated!