Editor lags ui after launching game on iphone

Hi, I’ve posted this on forum but I feel like this is huge problem at least for me because once this happens the ue4 is unusable and it makes the whole process of making game even more difficult as it wasn’t already since I need to test the game only on iphone (AR Kit).

My Rig has 16gb of ram, 750ti, i5 with 4 cores and macOS 10.12.6.

When I launch the game on my iphone, instantly after I press launch the editor starts to freeze up and lag all over and its really annoying. The only solution to this is to restart the UE4 but how does this makes me feel? Launch every time I wanna test something + I have to restart the editor to make it usable again. Looks like a complete non-sense to me.

I’ve looked trough the forums and answerhub too, and all I found was about lighting builder that hangs in tasks but that is for windows, not sure if that comes one mac version of UE too? Any way to fix UI lag in Editor? - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums