Editor doesn't know it has opened VS already

When creating a new class or opening an existing one my UE4 will open VS in about 2 seconds in the correct location, but the “Loading Visual Studio 2017” notification on the bottom right of the editor will not go away. It’ll stay there for about 5-10 minutes and then open another VS window which will then bug me about IntelliSense cache location being used already by the previous window. During all that time I can’t open any other cpp files from inside the editor.

Oh, and it happens with both 4.18 and 4.19 preview.

It’s a bug. There are tons of other posts/bug reports about this and it’s supposedly going to be fixed in 4.19.

Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully Epic will fix it before they take 4.19 out of preview. It’s really frustrating to do work with C++ code at the moment.

Could I have a link to the issue page at ? If it exists. I tried searching it but couldn’t figure out specific keywords.

Not only that, is just opening visual studio without find any header or something:rolleyes:

Yup, very annoying, it opens VS, then if i do not notice i have some code written in first opened VS, and some code in newly opened VS. Then all is messed up.