Editor crashing on UE 5 startup on MacBook Pro

It just goes pop. No Error message, nothing. I click on UE 5 from launcher and nothing happens. I have erased and re-installed. same thing. I am on MacBook Pro 2019 model, Mojave, 32 Gb Ram, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core i9, Radeon Pro Vega 4GB, 1 TB space left. UE 4.26 runs fine…


Same thing

Yeah, me too. Does someone figured it out?

Hey guys, did you figure it out ? :sweat_smile:

Please, UE 5 team just fix Unreal Engine for MacBook’s with M1 (Arm64) with a native engine… Also we cannot build macOs apps

Majority of designers use MacBooks and this is a mess, have to switch to my old windows PC