Editor crashes when placing an object with translucent material on it

I am experiencing constant crashing with a tree i am trying to place in the level. And it seems it is caused by the transparent material. Because its fine with a diffuse or masked alpha material or both. Please fix thanks.

Do you have LPV enabled for your light source?

Hi SteveKouts -

Thank you for your report. I will begin investigation into this issue as soon as possible. If I am unable to reproduce the problem, or I need more information, I or another staff member will follow up with some additional questions for you. Otherwise, I will post an ‘Answer’ once I have logged the issue in our bug database or we have a solution for it.

In the meantime, please be sure to review our suggestions for how to report a bug, and feel free to edit your post if you have additional information to provide:

Thank you.

Eric Ketchum

Thanks for your reply guys.
Jacky yes i am using LPV full dynamic lighting in my scene. I have resolved the issue for now by changing material to masked instead.

Check this post and you’ll see why it is happening:

However, it is better to use masked material for tree leaves.