Editor crashes when AI character dies with a weapon on it

Hello guys,
So i’ve been fighting with this problem for hours and I still couldn’t figure it out.Maybe some of you guys meet this problem

I have an Actor class that is both for players and AI, they just have set different controllers on possess.The death system is pretty simple implemented with UnPossess() and some animation. For Client and Server players everything works fine, and for AI controller works fine as long as the bot doesn’t pick a weapon in the process.So the main issue is that when the player(AI character) dies with a weapon equipped to it the editor crashes without specifying an error that i can look at,so is pretty hard for me to debugging it.Also the issue reproduce for actor->destroy() and i even try to stopTree() behavior.I’m thinking that is because of weapon class but everything seems alright there.Any ideas to try in order to fix this problem ?

You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.

You should start by downloading the debugging symbols so you can see the call stack to find what’s causing the crash.
You can do it by opening Epic Games Launcher then go to Library. You will see an arrow to the right of the “Launch” button of your engine installation. Click the arrow and choose “Options”. Check “Editor symbols for debugging” and click “Apply”.
Wait until the symbols are downloaded and make your game crash again. You will see the call stack inside the Crash Reporter window and it will show you the line of code that caused the crash as well as the cause of the crash.

Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: , Yep there was a problem with the fire rate timer in weapon class that executed fire()