Editor Crashes on Map Load

So everything was working fine until yesterday - Now whenever i try to load a map the editor crashes, the initial map loads fine and i can work within it and all of that but as soon as i try to manually load any map it just crashes.

This only seams to happen in my custom Game, all of the ample games still load correctly and i Verified install to no avail…

Any advice?

Hi CharlestonS,

Would you please post this to the answerhub so we can better assist you? Thank you!

Got it, thanks!

Can you post your hardware spec’s.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Intel Core i7 980 3.33ghz
24GB Ram
Dual MSI Twin Frozr 560TIs with 2gb each in SLI (4GB total)
120gb Seagate SSD (OS)
2TB Seagate JD (UE4 Install)

All of the latest updates and patches

You might want to read this then.

The issue of freezing or crashing begun with the introduction of the 5 series of Nvidia graphics cards and the tendency of “some” card manufactures overclocking at the factory to produce what they refer to as a game ready gaming cards.

As it happens I have one of these cards that does crash and at times openGL will time out and rest during game play.

Another possible solution that works for me is to use MSI Afterburn and to underclock the core clock speed by a few dozen MHz until it no longer crashes the driver.

Thanks for the reply but it only does it in my custom game, all of the other work fine and it just started happening the other day so i believe it’s just corrupt data on that particular game instance, i moved everything over to a new game instance and now it works again.

Not sure what was truncated but probably a config file or something.